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Pinchas | פנחס | “Phinehas”

Read the portion HERE

Summed up for the Children HERE


History- Priesthood, Census

Social Studies- Inheritance

Copywork HERE

Hebrew copywork

Notebooking pages

What role has the Census played in history?

Why was the census taken in this torah portion?

How many census periods do we have recorded in the Bible?

Does your country perform a census?   When did your country begin taking a census?  In what year?

What is an inheritance.

How was this important in the bible?

What is the traditional inheritance for the firstborn?

Where are some places in the Bible where this played an important role?

The promise of the levitical priesthood was given here.   Was it promised to be temporary or eternal?

What are the two different priesthoods in the Bible?

Coloring Page HERE

Coloring book HERE

Video HERE


Read aloud stories Here under the parents and kids heading.

The last of this week’s torah portion is about the offerings.  We no longer have a temple.  But what we can offer is this..

Psa 119:108  Accept, I beseech thee, the freewill offerings of my mouth, O LORD, and teach me thy judgments.

We can send him our offerings of praise!

Here we are to worship.. here we are to bow down..

Here is a link to the version of this song I love with lyrics.. HERE

And a link to the dance.. HERE

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Balak | בלק | “Balak”

All posts that are appropriate for older children (5th+ grades) will be put in blue.  These will be usable for younger grades as well but will make it easier for parents of older children to find what will work for their child.

Read the portion HERE

Summed up for the little ones HERE

Discussion and review questions

Homeschool blog post at Today is a new day…Bless it!

Science- Learn about the Donkey

Health- Learn about Blindness

History-Therole Donkey’s have played in history

The role Baal (the false god) played in our history

Some Famous Blind people in History

Reading- have older children read the torah portion.

Character studies- Baalam

Crafts- Some fun paper crafts and coloring pages

Physical Activity- Dance of the Week 🙂

A donkey plays a large role in this weeks torah portion.

Can you think of any other Donkey’s in the Bible that played an important role?    Research some of the other donkey’s in the bible.

Fun activity about donkey’s in the Bible HERE

Read about the history of Donkey’s HERE

More about Donkey’s HERE

More about Donkey’s HERE

History of Donkey’s HERE

More information about Donkey’s HERE

Donkey Paper Bag Craft HERE

Donkey Paper Craft HERE

Donkey Coloring Page HERE

This is a good study that talks about Baal in history, and what he has to do with modern holidays.  It is long but 100% worth the listen for the entire family.  HERE

Research the role Baal has played in history (that video will give you a LOT of information), what has he evolved into today?   What traditions of Baal are still kept?

Where does Baal show up in the bible?

Study what Balaam’s name means.   Isn’t it interesting how names in the bible so often reflected the character in some way?

Do a character study on Balaam.  What was his biggest flaw?   How can we avoid that flaw?

Balaam was spiritually blind.  So blind that his DONKEY could see the angle of YHWH better than he could!     For older children, a study on spiritual blindness and what can lead us out of that would be interesting.

Isa 42:6  “I, יהוה, have called You in righteousness, and I take hold of Your hand and guard You, and give You for a covenant to a people, for a light to the gentiles,
Isa 42:7  to open blind eyes, to bring out prisoners from the prison, those who sit in darkness from the prison house.
Isa 42:8  “I am יהוה, that is My Name, and My esteem I do not give to another, nor My praise to idols.

What causes physical blindness? 

Do a study about famous blind people.. my children love to learn about Helen Keller.

Balak handwriting

Balack handwriting prompt

Balaam quickly discovered.. he’d better Bless YHWH and YHWH’s people instead of curse them.    This week’s dance is to the song Blessed Are You oh Lord our God.      Take some time each week to learn the steps and you can perform it for Shabbat.  I will feature a song each week… it’ll be a good way to add to our Dance “vocabulary” 🙂

In this video the dance is performed first, then you can watch the steps in detail in the second half of the video.



Yahshua and the passover week

In the last post I went over the first passover.  So now I’m going to touch on how the passover pointed forward to the Messiah.


The Hebrew people were slaves in Egypt before Moses lead them out of Egypt.   In some ways that’s like us today!   We aren’t in a place where everyone worships YHWH in a proper way and are in some ways slaves to a system waiting to be delivered from bondage.    And before we met the Messiah, Yahshua.. before we accept him into our lives and chose to serve the father we are in bondage.. but accepting him sets us free.. he leads us into freedom and towards the promised land!

As passover approached our Messiah’s week was very busy.    The day before passover and the night before Yahshua died he went into a room and broke bread and had wine with his disciples.   He told us that from then on when we took wine or juice and bread we could remember him.    Does your family have a tradition of doing this?    Our family makes a big loaf of challah and uses grape juice every friday night before Shabbat starts.  It’s a really nice way to help us remember what Yahshua did for us.    Does your family have any traditions like this?

(coloring pages and activities herehere, here)

Something happened that night though.    Judas.. one of the disciples and one of Yahshua’s friends decided to betray his master.    Many of the people in government wanted Yahshua dead because everyone was starting to like him.  So they were afraid that people would start to follow him (Yahshua) instead of follow the “leaders”.. that made them scared of Yahshua!    So, they offered to pay Judas, one of the disciples if he would bring them to Yahshua.

After Yahshua and his disciples finished the meal they went to a garden because Yahshua wanted to pray.

(coloring page here)

Do you know what he prayed for?   He knew he was about to die.. and he was asking YHWH if there was anything that could be done to avoid this.  But he finished his prayer with YHWH.. whatever you think needs done, do it.  He understood that it wasn’t what HE wanted that mattered, but what YHWH wanted.

While he was praying in the garden a group of men came and guess who was leading them?  Judas!   He told the men that he would go kiss the man who was Yahshua so they would know who to arrest.. then he went and kissed Yahshua.

(coloring page here)
After that they took Yahshua away to put him on trial.    All that night he was on trial.  People got up and said he had done things he hadn’t.   Two different men judged him trying to find something he had done wrong so they could punish him.   Finally Pilate said he could find no fault in Yahshua.. but when he asked the people what they wanted him to do with Yahshua and they told Pilate to crucify him.  So he washed his hands and allowed it to happen.   All of this was happening on passover day..  the day when people were getting the lambs read to kill and preparing for the feast that would happen that night.
Yahshua had to carry his own cross up to where he would die at but he was very tired from being treated very badly (they whipped his back and made him wear a crown of thorns) so he had a hard time carrying it.
A man in the crowd ended up carrying it the rest of the way for him.
Did you know that Yahshua(Jesus) is our passover lamb?

1Co 5:7 ¶ Purge out therefore the old leaven, that ye may be a new lump, as ye are unleavened. For even Christ our passover is sacrificed for us:

Did you know where he was when the lambs were being killed to put into the ovens and bake?   He was hanging on the cross!
It’s so neat how our Father YHWH works things out so well?  He set up passover thousands of years before Yeshua would die… but worked it out so perfectly that it would work out perfectly for our Messiah’s death many years later.   Do you think it would work that well if WE tried do something?   Do you think if we set up an exact time right now for something to happen in 2000 years it would work out right?  Probably not huh?
Just as an innocent lamb had to die to allow the sons to live in Egypt..  An innocent Messiah had to die to allow us to live!   His death allows us to not die forever (eternal death) Isn’t it amazing that he did that for us?
And how sad as well right?    Imagine you have a sweet baby lamb as a pet.
It’s never done anything wrong at all.. it’s been a perfect sweet lamb.  It follows you around everywhere.  Does exactly what you want it to, and loves you soooo much.   It’s your best friend.    One day you do something really wrong.   Something you needed to be punished for.  But instead of punishing you…  your lamb jumped in front of you and decided to be killed so you didn’t have to be punished.   What did that lamb do to deserve that punishment?  Nothing!   You deserved the punishment right?  But that little lamb loved you so much that he took the punishment for you.    That’s what Yahshua did for us!  Instead of letting us be punished for the things we have done since we are all imperfect
A few hours later YHWH’s people were putting the lambs into the oven.. do you know where the Messiah was at that time?  He was being put into the tomb.   Another neat way passover ties into the death of Yahshua. 🙂
They had to hurry to take him off the cross and put him into the tomb.  Do you know why?
(coloring page here)
The day after he was put into the tomb was another important day.  It was a sabbath!  but not just any sabbath!  It was the first day of the feast of unleavened bread!   This is a special day, a high sabbath day and the first day after passover. 🙂   It happens on the 15th day of the biblical month.  For 7 days we eat unleavened bread.   This is to remember when the Hebrews had to leave egypt so quickly that their bread did not rise.  Do you remember that?
(recipe here)
So that day while Yahshua was in the grave YHWH’s people everywhere were keeping the special day of the feast of unleavened bread.
The next day was a Friday so YHWH’s people were preparing for a sabbath the next day.
Did you know that Yahshua had said he would be in the tomb for 3 days and 3 nights?   Do you remember anyone else that was inside something for 3 days and 3 nights?
That’s right!  Yahshua said that a sign that he was the true Messiah he would be in the tomb for the same amount of time Jonah was in the Whale’s belly.
So he was killed and put into the tomb right before the daytime part of wednesday ended.. right before it got dark on a wednesday.     So he was in the grave all day thursday (the first day of unleavened bread), all day friday, and all day Shabbat…  Then he would have risen right before the next day (sunday) started.. right before it got dark on the Sabbath.  3 days, and 3 nights!
When Mary and some women came to the grave to annoint his body as soon as shabbat ended and he was gone already!
(coloring page here)
He is RISEN!
(coloring page here )
Activity project of the passion week Here


The First Passover

We are approaching a very important time for all believers.   The time of our Messiah’s death and resurrection.  Such an amazing and humbling time.

My goal here is to have a series of posts for our children.   Each will give the history of passover with activities, worksheets, videos, and more.   I’ll start out with the first passover, then go over how it was commanded to be kept, then point out what it has to do with Yahshua, then talk about how it’s not all fulfilled.

Here’s post 1 🙂


Over two and a half thousand years ago, YHWH saved his people and took them out of slavery in Egypt, leading them through the Split Sea and into the land of Israel.

Here’s how it all began…

The Hebrews were all living in Egypt.  They had started out as friends with the egyptians but the pharoah that loved died and the Egyptians started to dislike them.  Eventually the Hebrews became the Egyptian’s slaves.

For a long time, Pharaoh’s advisers had been warning him as to the growing threat of the Hebrew nation. His sorcerers had seen in the stars that a Jewish boy would be born who would grow up, overturn the entire Egyptian empire and lead his people to freedom.

(Pharaoh coloring page here )

“All Hebrews must work from sunrise to sunset…without pay!” Pharaoh declared. “Children must work as hard as adults. No parents are allowed to spend time with their kids. Egyptians may use a Hebrew slave to do whatever they need.”

The Hebrew slaves worked hard to build the pyramids and other things of egypt.

(activity here)

And worst of all: “All Hebrew baby boys are to be thrown into the Nile!”

During this time a Hebrew women had a baby boy.  She hid him until he was three months old to save his life.   Then he was too big to hide any longer.  So, she placed him in a basket and placed him to float in the Nile river.

Moses sister Miriam stayed hidden in the bushes near the river and watched him.   Before long the Pharoh’s daughter, the princess of Egypt came to the river and heard crying!  She called for her servants to fetch the basket out of the river.

(coloring pages and activities Here, Here, Here, Here,)

She feel in love with the baby and brought him home to live with her in the Palace as her son.

While Moses was growing up times got worse for the Hebrews.  They continued to grow and thrive, which made Pharoh more worried, which made him pass harsher laws for the Hebrews.   Despite the fact that he grew up in the palace, Moses could not bear to see the suffering of the Hebrew people. One day, Moses chanced upon an Egyptian taskmaster, savagely whipping a Hebrew slave to death. Furious, Moses killed the egyptian. Certain that Pharaoh’s officers would be after him, Moses fled to Midian.

Moses lived in Midian for a number of years, and was a shepherd for his father-in-law, Yitro. One day, a lamb ran away from the rest of the flock. Moses chased after it and saw a strange sight: a bush covered in fire, yet the bush was not being burnt by the flames! Amazed Moses drew even nearer, and all of a sudden heard the voice of YHWH speaking to him.

“Go down to Egypt and tell Pharaoh to let My people go!”

Moses and his brother Aaron came before Pharaoh. “Let my people go!” they declared. But Pharaoh just laughed. They threatened Pharaoh with 10 terrible plagues if he did not listen to YHWH, but he did not believe them.

Plague after plague soon struck the Egyptians, each one more shocking than the next. Blood, frogs, lice, wild animals, sick animals, boils, hail, locusts, darkness – and the worst plague of all – death of the firstborn.

(activities about the plagues Here, Here, Here,)

YHWH gave his people instructions to follow to prevent their first son from dying.  That’s where the name Passover came from!  He allowed PASSEDOVER the houses that followed his instructions and not kill their firstborn son.

So what were the instructions?

On the 10th day of the month they were to find a lamb.  The lamb was to be less than one year old and be perfect.. no sores, cuts, or sickness.   They would then bring the lamb to their house and watch it for the next 4 days to make sure it was a healthy lamb.

(coloring page here)

They were supposed to take the blood from the lamb, dip some hyssop into the blood, then put some blood on the doorpost of their house that they were eating the meal in.

That night they roasted the lamb and ate it all with unleavened bread and bitter herbs.   They then stayed inside the house all night long and if there was any lamb leftover it was supposed to be burned before morning so none was left when it got light.

Why would they eat it with bitter herbs?

The bitter herbs remind us of the bitter and cruel way the Pharaoh treated the Hebrew people when they were slaves in Egypt.

Why eat unleavened bread?  Because starting on the day of passover, and continuing for 7 days it is the feast of unleavened bread!   We are not allowed to eat leavened bread during that time.

Did you know they were to also eat it while dressed a certain way?   They were to have their shoes on their feet, their staff in their hand, and ready to leave.   I wonder why that was?   Probably because they needed to be ready to leave..  They knew YHWH was going to lead them out of egypt and this was the last step.  They needed to be ready to GO! when he told them to.

That night he went through the land of egypt.  If a house did not have the blood on the doorposts he did not destroy them inside with the plague of the firstborn son dying.

24 And ye shall observe this thing for an ordinance to thee and to thy sons for ever.

25 And it shall come to pass, when ye be come to the land which the LORD will give you, according as he hath promised, that ye shall keep this service.

26 And it shall come to pass, when your children shall say unto you, What mean ye by this service?

27 That ye shall say, It is the sacrifice of the LORD’S passover, who passed over the houses of the children of Israel in Egypt, when he smote the Egyptians, and delivered our houses. And the people bowed the head and worshipped.

28 And the children of Israel went away, and did as the LORD had commanded Moses and Aaron, so did they.

That night Pharoh got out of bed to discover his and all other firstborn sons had died and he called for Moses and Aaron.   He told them “you and all your people go out and serve YHWH as you have said you needed to.  Take your flocks, your herds and go!  and Hurry!”  They egyptians were very afraid of the Hebrews now and wanted them to leave as fast as they could.     The people of Israel had to take their dough with them before it was leavened (that’s where the unleavened bread started!) and pack things on their backs.   They borrowed from the Egyptians jewels, gold, and clothing and the Egyptians happily gave them to the people because they loved them.

And they left Egypt..

They hadn’t got far when they came to the Red Sea.   In front of them was a big sea, and behind them the army of Pharoh.  The Egyptians had changed their minds after they let the Hebrew people go and chased after them!

So what does YHWH do now?  He parts the sea!  The Hebrew people walk across the sea on dry land.. and then when the Egyptians follow he causes the sea to come crashing down on them killing the egyptian army.

From here they start headed towards the promised land.. a long 40 year hard journey.   But something important is coming soon.   The giving of the commandments!  All of the feasts tie together.. and there is an important one coming up. 🙂   The first Sunday after passover is the feast of first fruits.  From there you count 50 days to get to Shavout or Pentecost.   That was when the torah was given at the mountain!   So you can start counting after passover and know when the torah was given to YHWH’s people!

(Parting of the red sea activites Here, Here, and Here)

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Shemini | שמיני | “Eighth”

Listen to or read the portion here

Notebooking pages

Copywork pages

Hebrew copywork pages

Use a venn diagram to understand kosher animals.  Use one circle for those who chew cud, and on for those with a split hoof.  Only those animals with both would go in the center.

My Little Torah Books – We eat Kosher

Study some of the non kosher birds.  They tend to be either predator birds or carrion feeders.

Bald eagle lapbook

Stork lapbook

Ostrich lapbook

Birds of prey lapbook

Nocturnal animals lapbook


The gecko.  I love that this one is specifically mentioned.  We have them everywhere here in Costa Rica.   Did you know they chirp like a birds?

Goats.  What are their uses?   Why do people raise goats?



Pekudei | פקודי | “Countings”

Listen to or read the portion here

Copywork lesson from the torah portion is available here. K-3. 4-8, and 9-12 are all included in the download.  Suggested writing assignments are included for the older grades.

Hebrew copywork here

Notebooking pages here

video of the torah portion here



~ Raising Tents.   The tabernacle was a big tent made of animal skins, woods, etc.   What are some cultures that have lived in tents?  What did they do to make them portable?

Learn about the Tabernacle

Links here, here, here,



Directions.  North, South, East, West.    do your children know how to use a compass?  Get one and try it out!

Teach them how to find N, S, E, + West by looking at the sun.  Where does it rise each morning?  Teach them that is east, and that it sets in the west.  Practice this each night so they can know what direction they are looking by judging the sunsets and sunrises.

Song for learning directions here

Coloring pages here

For excellent ideas on teaching this Torah portion, check out this hearts-in-training blog post.