Hebrew Resources

One of the key aspect to putting Torah at the center of our Homeshul is learning Hebrew.  This will enable us to better study Scriptures in the original language and understand it more closely from its original perspective, ultimately understanding YHVH’s ways and message a little more clearly.

Biblical Hebrew:First Hebrew Primer Digital Edition This is an interactive CD-Rom for older students or adults. Our family favorite tool for Biblical Hebrew (Home Shalom)

Ancient Hebrew is the pictorial roots of The Hebrew language we know today. It is composed of letters in the form of pictures and lends to a greater understanding of the amazing fullness and depth of the Hebrew Language and its Creator (YHVH!).
Living Word Pictures

Shalom Sesame This a DATED but very cute series of Sesame Street that was done in the late 80’s early 90’s in Israel.  As corning as it is (and it is!) our family enjoys it and it help reinforce the Hebrew we are learning.  You can find them on Amazon now.

Brad Scott’s List of Hebrew/Bible study tools for the serious Bible student!

EKS Publishing

Audio Hebrew Bible  Listen to the whole Tanack in Hebrew, one chapter at a time.


2 thoughts on “Hebrew Resources

  1. What a wonderful site. I did add you to my blog: joycelynsjourney.blog.com

  2. Love it! Thanks for posting these! Some I’ve never seen. I would add holylanguage.com, too, one of our family’s favorites.

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