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Great study tool for families

We recently borrowed the first book in this series from a friend, and quickly ordered the set for ourselves.  These are awesome.

(can be purchased here)

These books have been great.   We just have volume one currently.   In volume one each chapter has several questions as well as many reference verses to look up to go with each question.  We’ve got into the habit of reading the chapter (or sometimes splitting it in half) and then going through the questions together.   It’s helped me remember several things and it’s really good for the kids, esp. the older one’s.  This would be nice to do as  a family every night!

Here’s a picture of the chapters we just did..

Learn more about the books here

Oh, and did you notice they use the name YHWH?  It’s a christian book but they use the name.. it’s also not commentary so you don’t have the worry of weeding out commentary.

Really highly recommend this!


(Can be purchased at the below link)



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Morah, Morah, Teach Me Torah

We have been pleased to use a new resource in our home for our littlest children.  It is called Morah, Morah, Teach Me Torah .  The book is broken down into the weekly portions for the traditional yearly reading schedule (it does not include the Prophets or the Brit Chadesha).  Each week it tells the story in the portion (in a condensed simple way) and has fun activities related to the portion for that week.  It is similar to what we do here (on this blog) for our weekly Torah School Portion, but in paper form (unplugged) instead of with internet links.  In addition to the reading, each week there are songs to sing, games, object lessons, crafts, language, drama, a recipe and one of mommy’s favorites “the ask me button”.  This is a little post-it that I write a question on and pin to the children’s shirts.  They proudly walk around with their little “badge” just waiting for someone to ask them the question on their shirt so they can tell them about what they learned in the portion.  My children really look forward to their Torah School!

 This resource is very handy for me to spring-board from, by inspiring me into my own ideas.  It is also a wonderful resource to fill in the gaps when my own creativity is lacking. 

Shalom,  Mommy Set Free

If you would like to see all the resources we are currently using for our homeshul, visit my homeshul page .