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Great study tool for families

We recently borrowed the first book in this series from a friend, and quickly ordered the set for ourselves.  These are awesome.

(can be purchased here)

These books have been great.   We just have volume one currently.   In volume one each chapter has several questions as well as many reference verses to look up to go with each question.  We’ve got into the habit of reading the chapter (or sometimes splitting it in half) and then going through the questions together.   It’s helped me remember several things and it’s really good for the kids, esp. the older one’s.  This would be nice to do as  a family every night!

Here’s a picture of the chapters we just did..

Learn more about the books here

Oh, and did you notice they use the name YHWH?  It’s a christian book but they use the name.. it’s also not commentary so you don’t have the worry of weeding out commentary.

Really highly recommend this!


(Can be purchased at the below link)



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Family Torah Reading Plan

We wanted to create a family reading schedule that would guide the whole family to read the portion the week prior to the Shabbat  that it is scheduled for. This allows us to study and Drash the portion all week long, as a part of our daily school/family worship time. It developes in us the regular discipline of daily reading and reflection on the Torah (And Haftorah and Brit Chadashah), and accountability to one another. It teaches us to discuss the Scriptures together regularly and as parents, helps us be deliberate in teaching of Scripture in a methodical way to our children. This is how it works:

My husband took the yearly Torah reading schedule and broke each weekly parasha into 5 sections. (This Schedule included the Profits and Brit Chadasha readings as well.) He did this in a way that keeps the context of each section in tact. We (the parents) and our older reading students who are mature enough for independent study read this section each day. Our children each prepare 3 things to bring to the family worship time from their reading time. These three things could be in any form, such as a question, a revelation, an observation, a Hebrew word study, etc… than in the evening when we come ALL together to worship/pray (the littles too whenever possible) our older children present their “3 things” (or Gimel Devorim) to the “table”. This has been a WONDERFUL process for us. It edifies (YHVH firstly!) our children and us as parents, because we have no greater joy than to see our children walking in The Way! Our children come to “own” the portion reading for themselves and really think it through. They are very excited to present their “words” each evening. (Our older children at the time of this writing are studious 10 and 12)

Often this discussion goes over our smaller children’s heads and they can get board, so we pray and worship first, and often send them to bed then drash with the older children. I work with the younger children in the day at a much more elementary level as a part of our homeshul.

MessiLife Family Torah Parasha Program