Shemini | שמיני | “Eighth”

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Listen to or read the portion here

Notebooking pages

Copywork pages

Hebrew copywork pages

Use a venn diagram to understand kosher animals.  Use one circle for those who chew cud, and on for those with a split hoof.  Only those animals with both would go in the center.

My Little Torah Books – We eat Kosher

Study some of the non kosher birds.  They tend to be either predator birds or carrion feeders.

Bald eagle lapbook

Stork lapbook

Ostrich lapbook

Birds of prey lapbook

Nocturnal animals lapbook


The gecko.  I love that this one is specifically mentioned.  We have them everywhere here in Costa Rica.   Did you know they chirp like a birds?

Goats.  What are their uses?   Why do people raise goats?



Author: Suzanne McDaniel

I've been married for 11 years to my wonderful husband Jesse. I'm a momma to 3 kiddos, Brianna, Lorien, and Rohan. I'm a lover of the Lord YHWH, a believer in the Messiah Yehshua, and a follower of his law the Torah. I enjoy homeschooling my kiddos, I love decorating, especially DIY projects, and actually enjoy being in the kitchen (except the cleanup.. hate that lol)

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