Beshalach | בשלח | “When he sent”

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Listen to or read the portion here

Fun childrens video about the portion  here

See the portion in English and Hebrew here.

summed up for the littles here

really nice audio recording of Exodus 15 here

Watch “Prince of Egypt” by Dreamworks.  There are a few literary changes, but I found it quite accurate and well done.


Older Children Section

This is new..   I realize many of the things I share only work well for the younger students.   Much of it can be adapted for older children but this section will be more indepth studies for your older children.   Some will be studies that they can read, then have them writing an article up discussin the study, what they liked, what they learned, if there was anything they didn’t agree with, etc..

Living Waters study  (ties in with the theme of water this week)

What Water Reveals by Jerry Healan a very neat scientific study


Learn about Quail this week!

A website with information about quail here

Some printables..

Quail Handwriting Task

quail coloring page 2

Quail coloring page

Q is for Quail

The coolest homeschool project about quail I can imagine here

video of a quail hatching here (hint.. the first 4 minutes are boring.. skip to about 4 minutes into the video to start watching)



YHWH appeared as a pillar of fire.  Learn about fire.

learn about fire safety here

How fire works here

research ways to start a fire without matches or a lighter.

a great youtube series on how to start fire..  here



YHWH had Moses bring water our of a rock.

Study the properties of water.

Website about the water cycle here

A collection of links, activity sheets, etc.. about water here

water cycle printable

Study clouds and make each type of cloud with cotton balls glued on paper.

cloud shapes quiz.  (answers are here)

Study desert oasis and palm trees.

talk about when it first rained.


Study the Underground Railroad.


Both Moses and Miriam sing in this torah portion.

What is your favorite song to sing?

Learn a new song and dance this week.  We’ve enjoyed learning this dance here as it is very easy for beginners and children.  The music to the song is here

The song of moses is here


Crafts (if there is a picture click on the picture for the link)

coloring book here

Coloring pages here

more coloring pages here and here

Miriam sang and danced.  Make a tambourine out of two paper plates and some beans.    Staple or tape two paper plates together with some beans inside.. decorate with stickers, crayons, or streamers.. sing and dance! 🙂


Moses and the red sea craft



Author: Suzanne McDaniel

I've been married for 11 years to my wonderful husband Jesse. I'm a momma to 3 kiddos, Brianna, Lorien, and Rohan. I'm a lover of the Lord YHWH, a believer in the Messiah Yehshua, and a follower of his law the Torah. I enjoy homeschooling my kiddos, I love decorating, especially DIY projects, and actually enjoy being in the kitchen (except the cleanup.. hate that lol)

One thought on “Beshalach | בשלח | “When he sent”

  1. Thank you for adding the older children section, I will be adding some of these things to our week and what a blessing it is to re-enforce our Torah Portion…thank you for the hard work you put into it! Blessings!

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