Vayechi | ויחי | “He lived”

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Listen to or read the portion here

summed up for the littles.. here


Study Gloucester, MA, an important fishing town.  Particularly check out the statue remembering those that have died at sea, with the inscription, “They that go down to the sea in ships.” I remember sitting on that statue as a little girl.  “Captains Courageous” is an excellent b & w movie about life on a fishing boat from Gloucester.

Benjamin is described as a ravenous wolf in his blessing.  Do a study on the tribe of Benjamin throughout the Tanakh.  Did he live up to this name?

Study the process of Egyptian embalming… here are some printables to go with the theme HERE


Study the eyes.  Look at cones, rods, retinas.  How do scientists know that some animals see in black and white?

Look at the layers of the earth: crust, mantle, core.

Study mountain terrain.  Learn new words like windward, leeward, and look at the wildlife particularly adapted for this habitat.

Study water: liquid, solid, gas, boiling point, freezing point.  Why is it referred to as “unstable?”

Study the human spine, and the application of chiropractic care.

Study lions, particularly their family setup within the pride.

Look at your teeth, not only medically and physically, but review proper care.

Learn about a poisonous snake that lives in your state or province.  Dan was described as a viper.  Why?   Did he live up to that?  Look up how snakes act and have fun looking at snake pictures!  We looked at snakes native to Costa Rica, I then had the kids choose their favorite an we researched that snake.


Take the time to make a “delicacy” for your family this week.


These worksheets span a pretty large age group.  Just pick the one’s that work for your family. 🙂

Vayechi copywork in print

Vayechi cursive copywork

Vayechi match up #1

Vayechi match up #2

Vayechi drawing page

Vayechi quiz


Fun Activites



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