Vayishlach | וישלח | “He sent”

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Listen to or read the portion here

Coloring pages

Read aloud story – Temper your temper

Menu ideas for this portion


A wonderful collection of worksheets in three difficulty levels is available here.  Pick the one corresponding with the current torah portion.


Pick a middle eastern country to do a report on.  Pay particular attention to peoplegroups and religion.

Study the Titanic, where the women and children were saved first.

mapwork – Shechem


Sand – How many things can you list that are made of sand?

Study stream life, plant and animal.  Do you have a stream nearby to explore?  How does it change with the seasons?  very indepth study of stream life aimed at 3-4 grade found here

Study the hip joint.  How does it work?  excellent info, x-rays, and diagrams found here

Character Study

What can we learn from Jacob’s efforts to make peace with his brother?

Study Jacob’s new name “Israel.”  How can we show this trait as part of Israel?

Study Genesis 34:1 – How could Dinah have behaved differently to avoid the terrible situation she found herself in?

How was Shechem’s proposal in Genesis 34:9-12 a violation of Torah?

Why did Rachel die so young?  Is there a connection to Genesis 31:25-35?


Author: Suzanne McDaniel

I've been married for 11 years to my wonderful husband Jesse. I'm a momma to 3 kiddos, Brianna, Lorien, and Rohan. I'm a lover of the Lord YHWH, a believer in the Messiah Yehshua, and a follower of his law the Torah. I enjoy homeschooling my kiddos, I love decorating, especially DIY projects, and actually enjoy being in the kitchen (except the cleanup.. hate that lol)

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