Miketz | מקץ | “From the end”

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Listen to or read the portion here


Hebrew words to learn – Egypt, face, bread


Mapwork – Nile River Valley

Study the Sabbatical time of rest for the land every seven years.  Did it happen as it was supposed to?  How is it beneficial?

Look at food ration systems during World Wars I and II.

Study George Washington Carver and his contributions that saved the South from starvation.  biography here

Compare monarchies that run in families to our process of electing a governor.

Look at the history of British espionage.


Study cow diseases and their treatments.  index of diseases and treatments found here  For younger children, discuss the main physical needs of cattle, ie clean water, fresh air, food.

Study blights that affect grains.  corn disease info found here  Discuss the care involved in raising healthy plants.  (sunshine, nutrient dense soil, right amount of water.)

Research linen. How is it more than a fabric?  Look at its health benefits.  article here

Study the bones and tendons found in the hands and feet.  diagram of hand /  fun game labeling the bones of the hand I got 45%, can you beat me?  detailed, illustrated study of the foot, from bones to toenails  fascinating pictures

Find a recipe for pemmican.  Why is it so good for journeys?  recipe 1 here /  recipe 2 here

Study the heart, how it works, and what can go wrong.   interesting heart facts /  label the heart game here

Study pigment found in the skin and hair.  What causes albinos?

Character study

Teach the evils of witchcraft, magic, etc.


Practice fractions, fifths, doubles.



Author: Suzanne McDaniel

I've been married for 11 years to my wonderful husband Jesse. I'm a momma to 3 kiddos, Brianna, Lorien, and Rohan. I'm a lover of the Lord YHWH, a believer in the Messiah Yehshua, and a follower of his law the Torah. I enjoy homeschooling my kiddos, I love decorating, especially DIY projects, and actually enjoy being in the kitchen (except the cleanup.. hate that lol)

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