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Va’era | וארא | “I appeared”

Listen to or read the portion here

Summed up for the little ones here

even more summed up for the wee ones here

video about the portion here


this portion is full of things to learn about!  I’ll provide links about a frog.   Take the same approach with gnats, flies, etc.. 🙂

Focus on frogs this week.  Learn about how a frog goes from a tadpole to a frog.

Links about frogs here

Another website all about frogs here

explaining how a frog changes here

video of a frog from egg to tadpole  here

another fun time lapse from egg to tadpole here

another frog video here

video of a frogs life by a kiddo here

Study the makeup of our blood.  Why does scripture say that the life is in the blood?

Study different diseases that cause rashes.  What comfort techniques can be used?


try to memorize what order the plagues were in.  This song might help..  here

Discuss which plague would have been the hardest to go through.

Study William Wilberforce, who fought to get rid of slavery in England.  Watch the movie “Amazing Grace.”

Mapwork – Nile River, study the wildlife, geography, and irrigation techniques along the Nile.

Look for newspaper articles about crop destruction from severe weather.  Online searches can bring up some interesting things.


Va’era cursive copywork

Va’era print copywork

Va’era writing prompt


song about the portion here


coloring pages

water to blood

frog plague

several coloring pages here

Family activity

story for the family to read together here

Life Skills

Prepare a speech or presentation about this week’s torah portion.  Then you can’t use Moses’s excuse that you are not slow of speech.  🙂